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What kinds of services does Cayster offer? 
At Cayster, dentists can find their partner dental labs near them instantly, send their cases, get real-time updates and complete their payments with consolidated billing.

What are some benefits of signing up on Cayster as a dentist? 
By signing up on Cayster, dentists can connect with dental labs near to them easily, manage dental cases more seamlessly and improve their clinic’s services and patient outcomes.

How can I connect with the best dental labs near me?
By visiting Cayster’s Dental Marketplace page, you can explore different dental labs in your nearby areas as per your needs, compare their services with other labs and then send your case details accordingly.

What types of dental labs are currently available on Cayster?
Dentists can search dental labs on the basis of their various services and choose as required for their own needs. Some common types of dental labs that are currently available on Cayster are - Dental Crown Labs, Denture Repair Labs, Dental Implant Labs, etc.

What kind of solutions does Cayster provide to dental labs and dental practices?
Cayster's open technology platform integrates with leading software, hardware, and service providers. Cayster has partnered with dental labs, practices, and companies to deliver enterprise-level solutions for businesses in the industry. 

How do I get in touch with someone from Cayster?
Contact our Customer Support Team at 646-757-5840 and they will help you with your query.