Cayster Rules And Policies

We use this document to pronounce the basic rules and policies regarding behavior and content allowed on Cayster. Violence, harassment, hate, aggression, and other similar types of behavior that discourages people from expressing themselves, and productively participating on Cayster are forbidden. Our rules are to ensure a safe, fair, and efficient marketplace and platform for the dental ecosystem. 

Everyone on Cayster should have an expectation of fair and honest dealings with other members of our community. 

The practice or promotion of violence, hate, or dishonesty is prohibited on Cayster. 

Be authentic on Cayster, without cheating or manipulating other users. We prohibit the impersonation of individuals or organizations for any reason. You must also not post or share synthetic or manipulated content that breaches any of these rules or policies. 

In all cases respect the privacy of patients and users. You must abide by all laws, rules and regulations that govern private information while using Cayster. We also prohibit threatening to expose private information or incentivizing others to do so.

Cayster is not a place for sexual or suggestive content. We have zero tolerance for any sexual exploitation.

All transactions and interactions on Cayster must be legal. You may not use Cayster for any unlawful purpose or in furtherance of any illegal activities. This includes selling, buying, or facilitating transactions in illegal goods or services, as well as certain types of regulated goods or services. This also includes violating the intellectual property rights of others, including trademarks and copyrights.

All content must be appropriate and limited according to the context in which it is posted and the ecosystem Cayster is intended to address. 

As of May 1, 2022